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A Letter From Our Director

It is with great pleasure to welcome you to our preschool, The Center for the Development of Children (CDC).

The CDC is an independent not-for-profit preschool. As a not-for-profit, the school is supported by a Board of Directors, entirely volunteer, to assist with the business planning of the school, ensuring its successful future. This structure provides for an environment where all profits will be re-invested into the school, to continually improve resources and enhance your child’s experience and development.

The CDC also prides itself on the longevity of our staff, the flexibility of our schedule choices, as well as the quality of early childhood education. Our curriculum is based on the Massachusetts Preschool Frameworks, meeting all curriculum areas such as social studies, language arts, math and science.

As you navigate through our site, you will find that all of our classrooms are divided up based on a September age requirement. Each classroom is set up to meet the developmental needs of the prospective age group as well as to have the children grouped with others who will potentially be in the same Kindergarten class.

Thank you for visiting our site and I hope you will schedule a tour so you can see our spacious classrooms and meet some of our teachers.

Warm Regards,

Sandy Blinn

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